Mulberry Mongoose Accessories are hand crafted by local ladies from the South Luangwa using organic materials originating from the African bush including; feathers, hand carved wooden beads, recycled paper and snare wire mixed with beautiful semi-precious stones, bone and glass.

Our aim is to create exceptional accessories that capture elements of African culture and the African bush whilst contributing to the protection of the unique South Luangwa Valley where we are based.
magnesite turquoise drop earrings



The Snare Wire Collection
Made using snare wire collected during anti-poaching patrols in the South Luangwa or cut free from wounded animals including lion, leopard, elephant and wild dog. With every piece of snare wire jewellery sold the equivalent of $5.00 is donated to help fund these patrols' essential work.
The African Bush Collection
Inspired by the flora, fauna and extraordinary wildlife of the South Luangwa Valley.
The Luangwa Charm Collection
Inspired by the African tradition of attaching symbolic importance to items adorning the body.
The African Driftwood Collection
The beautiful wooden debris that gets moulded by the Luangwa River's powerful current has inspired The African Driftwood Collection.
The Bella Collection
Inspired by the Bella herdsman of Mali who hang talismans in leather from their necks to protect themselves, their family and their herds.
The Dinka Collection
Inspired by the Dinka tribe’s custom of scarring the skin to communicate status and of using colour to enhance the beauty of physical movement.
The Mozambique Collection
Reflecting the beauty of Mozambique's raw coast line from the azure blues of the sea to the vibrant colours of the rich marine life.
Zambian Friendship Collection
Bracelets and anklets that are bright and fun embodying the Zambian peoples' infectious smiles and warm personalities.
The Cosmopolitan Collection
Loving beads, gems and precious metals this collection exhibits bespoke jewellery inspired by my travels. Each piece is a one off using semi precious stones that are singular and beautiful.