Mulberry Mongoose Accessories are hand crafted by local ladies from the South Luangwa using organic materials originating from the African bush including; feathers, hand carved wooden beads, recycled paper and snare wire mixed with beautiful semi-precious stones, bone and glass.

Our aim is to create exceptional accessories that capture elements of African culture and the African bush whilst contributing to the protection of the unique South Luangwa Valley where we are based.
Turquoise & vintage Zambian coin earrings

Our Collections

African Bush Collection
Inspired by the flora, fauna and extraordinary wildlife of the South Luangwa Valley.
Dinka Collection
Inspired by the Dinka tribe’s custom of scarring the skin to communicate status and of using colour to enhance the beauty of physical movement.
Driftwood Collection
The beautiful wooden debris that gets moulded by the Luangwa River's powerful current has inspired our Driftwood Collection.
Luangwa Charm Collection
Inspired by the African tradition of attaching symbolic importance to charms.
Maasai Collection
Drawing inspiration from the celebrated Maasai traditions of personal adornment our collection demonstrates their belief in the symbolism of colour, with red representing strength, black solidarity and blue energy.
Recycled Paper Collection
The vision for this collection was born of a desire to help conserve this pristine wildlife environment through art. The Recycled Paper Collection is effervescent, fun and trendy. With the sale of each piece of Recycled Paper Jewellery $2 is donated to the Chipembele Education Trust (
Snare Wire Collection
Made using snare wire collected during anti-poaching patrols in the South Luangwa or cut free from wounded animals including lion, leopard, elephant and wild dog. With every piece of snare wire jewellery sold $5.00 is donated to help fund these patrols' essential work.
Zambian Friendship Collection
Bright, fun bracelets embodying the Zambian's infectious smiles and warm personalities.
Vintage Zambian Coins
Using coins dating back to Zambia’s first President of the Republic, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, we have incorporated honey coloured Pucalet wood & beautiful turquoise to create symbolic pieces in classic, timeless designs.
Zulu Teething Seed Collection
A statement jewellery collection blending the much-celebrated Zulu ‘teething seeds’ with facetted black glass and Tibetan spacers.